November 24, 2023

Amazon's Touchdown on Black Friday: A Game-Changing Strategy

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Vasilios Lambos

Digital Marketing Expert helping brands scale with performance marketing.

In a surprising and innovative move, Amazon has entered the playing field of Black Friday in a way that no one saw coming – through the first-ever Black Friday football game. This unprecedented strategy has sparked intrigue and excitement, not only among sports enthusiasts but also within the marketing and e-commerce sectors. Let's delve into how Amazon's Black Friday football game is not just a match on the field but a game-changing move in the world of retail.

The Fusion of Shopping and Sports:

Traditionally, Black Friday has been synonymous with long queues, midnight store openings, and frenzied online shopping. However, Amazon has disrupted the norm by combining the thrill of shopping with the excitement of a football game. By strategically choosing to advertise during this high-profile sporting event, Amazon taps into the intersection of two beloved pastimes, offering consumers a unique and engaging experience.

Prime-Time Advertising at Its Finest:

Securing advertising slots during prime time is a coveted feat, especially during the holiday season. Amazon's decision to air ads during the Black Friday football game reflects a keen understanding of the power of prime-time advertising. With millions of viewers expected to tune in, Amazon has positioned itself to showcase its vast array of products and exclusive deals to a captivated audience during a time when consumers are actively seeking holiday bargains.

Creating a Memorable Shopping Experience:

The Black Friday football game provides Amazon with an opportunity to create a lasting impression on consumers by associating its brand with a memorable and enjoyable experience. As families and friends gather to watch the game, Amazon aims to become a part of the holiday tradition, making the shopping experience not just transactional but also emotionally resonant.

Strategic Synergy with Sports:

Amazon's choice to intertwine Black Friday with a football game is a testament to the company's recognition of the deep emotional connection people have with sports. By leveraging the excitement and camaraderie associated with sports events, Amazon seeks to embed itself in the collective consciousness of consumers, further solidifying its brand presence during this critical shopping period.

Expanding the Advertising Playbook:

This move by Amazon showcases the importance of diversifying advertising strategies. Beyond traditional online promotions, the company is demonstrating the value of embracing unconventional channels to reach a broader audience. By combining digital marketing efforts with a television presence during a major sporting event, Amazon is setting a new standard for a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to advertising.


As the inaugural Black Friday football game approaches, Amazon stands poised to make a touchdown in the world of retail marketing. This bold and innovative strategy not only sets the company apart from its competitors but also highlights the evolving landscape of consumer engagement. Amazon's fusion of shopping and sports during the holiday season is a game-changer, paving the way for a new era of memorable and emotionally resonant advertising. As consumers eagerly await kickoff, Amazon has positioned itself at the forefront of the holiday shopping experience, proving that in the game of retail, creativity and innovation are the keys to victory.


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